Minnesota Miracle Meetings- February 2010

Dear Friends and Partners, Thank you again for all your great support both in prayer and in financial giving. This month we had the opportunity to travel to the state of Minnesota and hold four days of power packed meetings. We felt a very strong miracle anointing and knew that the bonds of religion and tradition would be shattered as the Word of the Lord was brought forth. The first night the house was filled with expectancy at what the Lord would do as people flooded the house to receive a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit. A strong spirit of fear and oppression was broken and people began to worship freely. The prophetic words that where given where so accurate that they left many in tears. Several people received healing in their neck, back, and stomachs. Pain that had bothered many vanished in the Glory of God's presence. A man who had suffered with a leg injury for fifteen years received his healing and all the pain left his leg. After a word of knowledge was given, a woman with plugged left ear received her healing as her ear popped and began to drain. A pastor who had severe neck pain came up for prayer but didn't receive her healing until she sat back down in her seat. People that sat by her said they heard three loud pops. She came back to the front and testified that all the pain had left and she felt the vertebrates pop back into place.

There were many healings that are worth mentioning and we are still hearing testimonies from these meetings. My favorite thing that happened was seeing the young people set on fire and receive the joy of the Lord. One night in particular, as some ladies tried to leave for the evening they got hit by the power of God and started to laugh uncontrollably in the hallway. Later they had to be helped to their cars and driven home as the drunken glory was all over them. The wild thing about this incident was that many of these ladies had asked for prayer that depression would be broken off their lives. One lady even wanted to end her life just a few nights before the meetings started. The spirit that had tried to destroy these wonderful women had been shattered by the power of God. Our radical message of Kingdom living struck a cord with many people and their lives will never be the same again. We truly feel that as the people in that region press into the Kingdom they will see an out pouring of revival. God is raising up a core group of people in that region that are pressing into heaven and we are so excited about the things to come. Stay connected for upcoming events in your area.

In Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp