Word of the Month- January

Dear Friends and Partners, This month I wanted to share with you a prophetic word that the Lord gave to me concerning the state of the church and the coming shift that will take place over the next three years. During the months of September and October I took some time off to seek the Lord with some prayer and fasting. I spoke a little on some revelations I received during this set apart time in a few of our meetings last month, but I felt it was necessary to write on this particular word and set it in paper to seal it as what I feel will begin to take place in 2010.

In Exodus thirty three the Bible speaks of Moses taking his tent outside the camp to meet with God. He and everyone that sought the Lord traveled outside the camp, pitched their tents, and waited on the Lord to receive a word of direction and revelation. During this time there was great refreshing and joy that filled the hearts of the people, a sort of revival you might call it. When we take the time to study out church history we find that every revival that ever took place always started by a few hungry individuals breaking away from their traditional "camps" to seek the Lord for something fresh and new.

For example let us take a look at Martin Luther's Reformation (the just shall live by faith), which every Protestant denomination embraces as doctrine and Biblical truth. We look at this truth hundreds of years later and simply embrace it as the foundation of the Christian faith, but when Luther nailed his Ninety One Thesis to the door of the church this was seen as heresy to the established church. Great persecution was released on all those that followed this radical new movement away from the catholic traditions. Although a great truth was released on Luther's generation, there were people who had previously been on the front lines of reformation who now rejected and even persecuted those that followed the glory into this new movement. These people of past reformations made up in their minds to stay in the camp that they had built and fortified for all those years. Comfort and pride had replaced revelation and cutting edge. God never intended for His people to park and set up "camp" around a single Biblical truth, but we see today that whole denominations are set and fixed around this truth and will not receive any fresh insight. Although they believe that the just shall live by faith most still feel that they are worms and good for nothing in the sight of God. We know that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 5:21). And as God has moved through many generations we see for the most part nothing has changed within this camp. This is only one example of how people received a truth and failed to move with the cloud of Glory when God was simply leading His people into a new revelation.

I want to stop here before we get into the meat of this teaching and say this for all those that might be wondering what I mean by fresh and new revelation. I believe that all truth and revelation is based in the Word of God and has its foundation in the written text of the Bible. And all revelation, illumination and revelatory encounters must be judge on the standards of the Bible. Also, I do not believe that other religions have there place at the table of God's Kingdom simply because of revelatory encounters, no matter how intense they are.

With that said we see all through history this reoccurring cycle of revelation, illumination, and denomination. You can find this to be true with both Great Awakings, as the revelation of Holiness to the Lord was released. In addition, the great Asuza Street Revival and the formation of the Pentecostal Movement. Just as Moses went out of the camp to meet with the Lord face to face as a man speaks to his friend, so did the leaders of these past moves of God. They broke away from there camps to meet with God and had face to face encounters in their generations. And now we read about these great releases of revelation and for most in the church their prayer has been; let us return to the former days of visitation. The Lord has been looking for a people that will take hold of the now and embrace what he wants to do in this generation and the generations to come. We must be willing to transition and follow the cloud.

I have noticed it is hard for people that have experienced a move of God in the past to transition and to follow the voice of the Lord especially if it is new and different. For the sake of receiving some reticule from those that are still alive who preached during the Fifties Healing Revival, the Charismatic Renewal, Word of Faith Movement and even the Toronto and Pensacola revivals; it needs to be said that God has moved on and if we do not change we will miss this next move. We may even become the persecutors of it, because we misunderstand the revelation that He is releasing on His body. Not a week goes by that I have not spoken with individuals that were in some way affected by one of these outpourings. The problem is that people want another outpouring in the same form it took place in the past. Yet now, God is moving in an even stronger more powerful way than ever before. In fact most cutting edge ministries are seeing far greater miracles then any healing revivalist in the fifties saw at the hight of that movement.

My Father recently preached in a church as a favor for a friend. My father's friend wanted this church and its Pastor to step into a fresh move of the Spirit. The church had only a handful of older believers and no youth to speak of. My father preached a prophetic word with accurate words of knowledge which left people in tears and knowing that the Lord was there among them. He looked over at the Pastor expecting him to be excited at the move of God that was taking place before his eyes, but he was stone faced and waiting for my father to finish. Many people spoke to my father after the service thanking him for coming and about the accuracy of his words over their lives. The Pastor, on the other hand, had a hard time with my father's delivery of the word as well as his attire. He had a preconceived idea of how Ministers should look and preach because of his fifties style approach to ministry. He totally placed out of his mind the healing and words of knowledge that had been given. That morning before dismissing the people the pastor preceded to tell them that they were going to have a tent revival in a few weeks and that they should pray that God would pour out His Spirit like he had in fifties. He preached for a few minutes on how America hasn't seen a move of God since the fifties, but a healing revival would come again like in the old times where they sang the good old gospel hymns. To him this would be a great outbreak of revival, but as my father told me this story I could only think about where that Pastor had been the last fifty years. Had he missed all the great outpourings that the Lord had released on His church over the past decades? Then I realized that this man had simply failed to move on with God for probably several reasons, but mainly because he was looking for God to do the same thing twice.

Moses expected God to do the same thing twice when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it as God had commanded and it cost him the promise land. There are churches and ministries like this all over. Good Bible believing, revival seeking, God fearing believers who simply fail to move on with God because they want revival their way. They have built "camps" around style, delivery, "this is the way God does things". God can not be defined by a set of rules and regulations, nor can he be contained in a box or format. And like Moses after he met with God we have left the face to face encounters only to settle with living in camps where we have truth with no presence.

God spoke to me and said, "Charles, would you like to be my friend or one of my sons?" I sat there and pondered the question for some time for Moses was Gods friend and he had spoke face to face with God, but everything in me screamed out, "God I want to be a son." I said, "Lord I want to be a son," and the Lord spoke to me and said, "Charles, In 2010 I am going to release the Sons of God on the earth. This new breed of believers that I will release will live in my house they will carry my DNA they will have right relationship with me. A friend will come and go, they may come and visit. We may even talk for a few hours in prayer, or see each other on a daily basis, but they can never have my DNA."

The Bible says that there was another young man in the tent who when Moses went back to the camp stayed in the tent and had fellowship with God. He stayed in the cloud and with the cloud. In 2010 there will be a people that come out of their "camps" to be apart of this fresh move of God and these will be the new breed the sons of God and they will not return to the camp, but they will establish a new order of relationship and communion with the father. These new breed sons will shake nations and move at the command of their leader Jesus Christ (The True Head Of The Church). This will truly be the emerging of the Joshua generation. Along with this new breed generation will truly come a new order and apostolic structure by the year 2012. The old order will pass away both spiritually and naturally as these saints who have been used mightily in past generations will go to be with the Lord. Moses will go to be with the Lord and a young Joshua will arise to take the lead. The mantles of these great men of faith will not be given to one man as many have claimed would take place, but a double portion of these mantles will be given to the Body for the work of the ministry. And the church will enter into the promise land. A critical thing we must come to understand is this God is nether for us or against us, He is for His Kingdom. When Joshua met the Lord before he went to Jericho he asked the Lord if He was for him or for his enemies and Jesus told him that he wasn't for him and he wasn't for his enemies, he was for God's Kingdom. What Jesus saying to Joshua was that He wasn't for self kingdom building He is focused on building God's Kingdom. We are going to see many self kingdoms fall in these coming years. Everything that was built out of pride, self motivation, and self promotion will fall to nothing and disappear from off the scene. In the coming years it will be imposable for men who have built empires on good administrative skills and trained preaching to keep their crumbling kingdoms together because the DEMONSTRATION OF THE GOSPEL will be the calling card of all five fold ministry gifts. And with the new anointing that will be released on the Body they will have no way of keeping up with the supernatural times we are entering. The miracles, signs and wonders are going to go into another dimension.

I am planning on discussing some of the signs and wonders that I believe will emerge during the coming years in next months writings. I know that because of the old order many have been paralyzed and felt that their only contribution to the Kingdom was simply to sit in a pew and pay a weekly tithe. This will soon change as the Lord calls forth His chosen army for this next mighty move. They will no longer sit in fear waiting for permission to do something for God from a man established authority figure. God is going to raise up many new ministry gifts that have been in obscurity and send them in to different regions of the earth to see great harvests of souls. Great spontaneous moves of God will start from seemingly ordinary believers that step out on simple words of faith. The focus of ministry will shift from a pulpit focus "one man show," to family focused ministry rooted and grounded in love; as a new Apostolic order is established and a true fathering spirit is released from God ordained ministry gifts. I see a great grace will be given to leaders that establish ministry centers focused on training, equipping, and releasing saint to do their calls. The lording spirit that has been seen on many so called Apostolic ministries will be driven out by the new order. God has always been about family and His church will become much more family oriented as the untouchable ministry Gift will altogether vanish in this new movement. The new ministry gift will both relate and be in touch with the people as unity is released for a common goal of world wide revival. God will begin to establish Apostolic centers all over the nations with a Kingdom mentality and out from these centers will come thousands of house Churches. Regions will shake with the power of God that will come because of this new found unity.

Now you must understand that this word is more then just a word for 2010, but I believe that the next three years will be cluster years and bring us into this new move. We are living in exciting times in the body of Christ and we need to be ready to transition into what God wants to do at this great juncture in time.

Blessings in Christ,

Charles and Brynn Shamp